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Did you know according to the Content Marketing Institute 68% of Marketers now regularly publish white papers and 48% publish research reports?

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  • This significant percentage of Marketers publishing insightful reports, which continues to grow year over year, represents a growing trend of Marketers reaching their audience with thoughtful, forward looking content.

    A research study or thought leadership piece is a great way to:

    Clearly convey your value proposition in written form
    Educate your market
    Draw attention to your brand in the media
    Generate qualified leads.

    Blue Nile Research’s Principal Analyst, Nathan Safran, is a former Forrester Research Analyst with more than 15 years of experience in the high tech and research
    industries.Nathan 200×200

    Nathan has been widely quoted in the tech media, cited as an industry expert in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Fortune Magazine. Nathan has published dozens of research studies and white papers in his career and has been published in Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and Venture Beat among others.

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Blue Nile has published numerous studies for clients including:

  • Email marketing technology firm:

    Survey-based report of Marketers attitudes towards email marketing technology

    Online coupon technology firm:

    Survey-based report of consumer adoption, attitudes towards online coupons

    SEO technology firm:

    Analysis of paid-organic search synnergy—can a brand turn off branded PPC keywords? Is there value in PPC if you are already ranking for organic?

Custom research from the big research firms can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Blue Nile Research is able to create an insightful, polished research study or thought leadership you will be proud to publish without breaking the bank.

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