Market Research


Our Research Process

  • 25

    Research Discovery

  • 50

    Build Survey

  • 75

    Analyze Data

  • 100

    Author Study

  • What is it?

    Traditional market research study that answers a marketing problem, or gains market insight.

  • Delivery format:

    Written document, or powerpoint presentation delivered remotely or in-person.

  • Client Examples:

    • A consumer electronics manufacturer is launching a portable photo printer and wants insight into the market, potential buyers, needs and wants.

    • The leader in home buying websites wants to better understand their position in the competitive landscape, why buyers click on their website vs. others in the search listings and what they can do to improve their click-through rate.

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Common Questions

  • I have an idea of the kind of market research I want to do, but it’s not fully formed. Can you help?

    Sure. We’ll be happy to schedule a call to better understand what you are looking to do. We’ve helped many of our clients develop their idea to completion and subsequently completed a market research study based on that idea.

  • I am preparing to launch a new product and need data on my target audience and a market sizing model. Can you help?

    Yes. We’ve helped numerous clients with assessments of new markets and built many market sizing models. Contact us for a free consultation and we can tell you what to expect with your individual project. – See more at:

  • I need to do market research on a specific, hard to reach segment of the population. Can you help?

    Blue Nile Research has relationships with many of the top global data providers which gives us the ability to reach even the most difficult of audiences. From B2B audiences such as Marketing executives and IT Decision makers to global audiences in Canada, Europe and Asia, we can help. Contact us to talk about your specific needs.

  • What is typical pricing for a market research study?

    Rather than arbitrarily quote a price, we’d rather fully understand what you are looking for and create a proposal that you will feel comfortable will meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your project, we do not charge for a consultation.