• The Content that Compels People to Buy

    Executive Summary New research from Blue Nile Research examines the content and channels that compel shoppers to buy. The ease of access to information in the Internet economy means buyers are fully prepared to leverage all channels available to them and more than 70% (76% B2B) use three channels or more when researching a purchase. […]

  • Search’s Position 1 is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be 

    Executive Summary: ‘The top of the search results or bust’ has long been the driving mentality for Marketers when it comes to search.  Yet with the enormous growth of rich media in the search results—studies show up to 8 out of 10 high volume keywords now have rich media in their search results—it is time to challenge the […]

  • Psychology of the Searcher

    Psychology of the Searcher: Patterns in How Searchers Formulate Queries Executive Summary: Marketers see visitors from a wide variety of search queries coming to their site.  This data is valuable in guiding a search strategy, but it has existed in a vacuum, with little known about how searchers make decisions about how to phrase their […]