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Our Services

What We Do

Blue Nile Research offers a variety of research-based services that will meet your needs.

Market Research

A traditional market research study that answers a marketing problem, or offers new market insight.  Blue Nile Research will work with you to design a market research study that gives you deep insight into your market.

Thought Leadership Study

Data shows nearly 7 out of 10 (68%) of Marketers now use research studies or white papers in the sales process.  Contact Blue Nile to have us design a study that will communicate your value proposition, demonstrate industry expertise, or addresses a common sales objection.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data can be invaluable to help craft a strategy, guide product development or gain insight on a new market.  Blue Nile can design and host a survey, analyze and segment the results and package the data together in an easy to consume format.  Our relationships with data providers mean we can reach hard to reach segments–from IT decision makers all the way to millennial females who use Android smartphones.

Agency Services

Agencies often get asked by their clients to create research studies, white papers or gather data.  Often the agencies core competency does not lie in these areas, or their time would be better served on other projects.  Now, agencies can outsource these time consuming and complicated projects to the research experts at Blue Nile Research.  Agencies can choose from white label service or Blue Nile branding.